Advancing knowledge, delivering research, empowering citizens for sustainable and climate-neutral Black Sea

BRIDGE-BS will develop the predictive tools and capabilities necessary to understand and predict the impacts of climate-driven and anthropogenic multi-stressors on the services stemming from Black Sea ecosystems.









Project Overview

BRIDGE-BS aims to advance the Black Sea’s marine research and innovation to co-develop Blue Growth pathways under multi-stressors for the sustainable utilization of the ecosystem services. To do so it will develop an ecosystem-based management framework to enable policy uptake and foster citizen engagement.

Interconnected Nodes of BRIDGE-BS

BRIDGE-BS will advance knowledge and deliver research under three NODES: Service Dynamics, Blue Growth Incubators, and Empowered Citizens. The NODES will be highly interlinked, feeding on and into each other.

Pilot Sites

Pilot sites are unique venues for the focused implementation of BRIDGE-BS in a cross-cutting manner. Specific forecasts of ecosystem services under the influence of multi-stressors and co-designed Blue Growth scenarios will be investigated in the 8 pilot sites. Interactions with stakeholders and communities will take place among the coastal communities in these sites. Last but not least, Blue Growth incubator activities will focus on these sites.



BRIDGE Black Sea will develop the decision support tools necessary for the generation and implementation of holistic and adaptive management to identify the safe operating space under Node 1: Service Dynamics. Node 2: Blue Growth Incubators will use to identify services that can support sustainable Blue Growth in the Black Sea by strengthening resource management, developing and applying innovative technologies as well as supporting innovative start-ups and business models to create added value and jobs. Through Node3: Empowered Citizens, BRIDGE Black Sea will create a connected Black Sea community, strengthened by a new generation of researchers and innovators to address emerging Black Sea challenges.

Latest News & Events

The 1st Black Sea Helix Event was held! The first Black Sea Helix Event, “Blue Horizons: Navigating Black Sea Research & Innovation” was held by Crowdhelix within BRIDGE-BS, marking a significant step towards addressing the sustainability challenges

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