Advisory Board (AB)

The Advisory Board gives guidance and provides essential strategic advice on scientific quality, decision-making, implementation, and ensures that the high-level BRIDGE-BS research, is directly relevant to stakeholders and policymakers, following the implementation of the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) of the Black Sea. The AB members represent domains such as science, policy, innovation, and capacity building.

Elisabetta Balzi (1)

Elisabetta Balzi
Head of Unit Healthy Oceans DG Research, and Innovation
European Commission

Halil Ibrahim Sur

Halil Ibrahim Sur
Director of
Perm. Secretariat of the Black Sea Commission

Miguel Bernal

Miguel Bernal
Senior Fishery Officer of

Pierre-Yves Le Traon

Pierre-Yves La Traon
The Scientific Direction of
Mercator Ocean and of the CMEMS

Ana Noronha (1)

Ana Noronha
Executive Director of
Ciência Viva

Panayiotis Gavras

Panayiotis Gavras
Head of Policy and Strategy at
Black Sea Trade & Development Bank

Icarus Allen

Icarus Allen
Chief Executive of
Plymouth Marine Laboratory