At a glance

Programme                                                        H2020-BG-2018-2020 (Blue Growth)

Type of Action                                                   Research and Innovation Action 

Topic                                                                   BG-11-2020 

Duration                                                              June 2021 – November 2025 

Consortium                                                        31 partners – 14 Countries

Coordinator                                                        Middle East Technical University (METU)

Total Budget                                                      €9 Million


With unique habitats, abundant resources, and rich cultural heritage, the Black Sea is vital to its coastal communities and the broader population of over 160 million inhabiting its watershed. The Black Sea is a distinctive semi-enclosed basin with 10 large rivers flowing into a highly coupled coastal-deep-sea system introducing anthropogenically generated nutrients and pollutants nourishing the largest anoxic-sulfidic water body of the Earth. The Black Sea ecosystem is also unique in being susceptible to increasingly negative impacts from several human-induced stressors, such as eutrophication and hypoxia, overfishing, and the introduction of alien species. Multistressors are a central challenge to be tackled by BRIDGE-BS.

BRIDGE-BS will develop predictive tools and capabilities necessary to understand and predict the impacts of climate-driven and anthropogenic multi-stressors on the services stemming from Black Sea ecosystems. These services and their responses to stressors will be mapped, monitored, and modeled to identify a safe operating space within which a sustainable blue economy can flourish.

Black Sea Multistressors


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To assess the status, and develop the multidisciplinary understanding and predictive tools on ecosystem functioning necessary to implement adaptive management

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To provide an operational platform to translate scientific ideas into business opportunities and stimulate the ocean economy in the Black Sea

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To support the development of a cohesive, knowledgeable, and literate Black Sea international community.


BRIDGE-BS will support the development of an informed, well connected, educated, and empowered Black Sea community, including scientists, institutions, policymakers, and the society at large. It will create a flow of knowledge between scientists, policymakers, and entrepreneurs, working side-by-side from the beginning of the project. This approach will develop trust and complementarity, one of the main goals of BRIDGE-BS, which is necessary to prepare for future marine environmental challenges and ensure Blue Growth potential in the best possible way. Sustainability is at the core of the project