Call for Ph.D. Positions within BRIDGE-BS Ph.D. Programme!

BRIDGE-BS is launching a novel Blue Growth Ph.D. program, with dual supervision, for the first time, from both the Black Sea and Western Europe institutions. This Ph.D. program will also ensure the transfer of expertise and knowledge between regions, serving as incubators and ideas for future start-ups. It will not only create mobility and enhance the capacity of the Black Sea Ph.D. candidates in Blue Growth but will also provide the best relations between universities and research centers from the Black Sea with similar organizations in Europe.

BRIDGE-BS offers Ph.D. research positions directly supported by the BRIDGE-BS consortium for 3 years (36 months). BRIDGE-BS partners in the Black Sea offer Ph.D. positions at their institutions.

You can find information about current Ph.D. positions and application requirements under BRIDGES in the document on the button below. Please apply to the vacancies by sending your application to [email protected] within the given deadlines. Please be aware that there are different deadlines for different institutions. In your application, clearly state which institution you are applying for in the subject: ‘‘BRIDGE-BS Ph.D. Application for <enter
institute’s name>