A new research article supported by the BRIDGE-BS was published on Frontiers in Marine Science!

The research article with the contribution and support of #BRIDGEBlackSea was published on the Frontiers in Marine Science.

Researchers from BRIDGE-BS partner GeoEcoMar and from UPEI, IBB, UAIC have collaboratively written and published the article which reveals the findings of the Habitat and Macrozoobenthic Diversity in MPAs of the Southern Romanian Black Sea Coast.

The article emphasizes that the Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) are prominent management tools to safeguard biodiversity and ecosystem services. However, long-term changes in both the sources of anthropogenic stress and the extent or operation of the MPAs have also occurred, at a pace that is often faster than the research trying to understand the consequences of those changes. To this respect, the article addresses this challenge by focusing on two MPAs located in the Southern Romanian Black Sea, the Tuzla Cape, and the Mangalia Sulfur springs.