The 3rd Steering Committee Meeting of the BRIDGE-BS was held in Athens!

BRIDGE-BS WP Leaders and Co-leaders are greeting you from Athens! The 3rd Steering Committee was held in Athens on April 8 as the very first hybrid meeting of the project. Fruitful discussions took place on the WPs and resilience of the #BlackSea.

After welcoming all the attendees, Project Coordinator Baris Salihoglu kicked off the SC Meeting with his opening remarks giving an overview of the 1st year. All the WP leaders and co-leaders shared their work package structures as well as achievements so far and their future plans. Thanks to the mutual exchange of ideas and productive dialogues, the next steps were identified and priorities were set to achieve the project’s objectives. In order to fill in the possible gaps and make everything clear, attendees also offered criticism and provide constructive suggestions.

In his final remarks, Salihoglu underlined the consolidated communication between the consortium and noted that we should not slow down despite all the challenges and move forward in line with our objectives for the Black Sea.

Stay tuned for future meetings!