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BRIDGE-BS has celebrated its 1st anniversary on #WorldOceansDay!

The H2020 BRIDGE-BS project has completed its 1st year!

Taking the opportunity of coming across World Oceans Day on 8 June, BRIDGE-BS has celebrated its first year by commemorating its successes. Despite the challenges, especially Covid-19, the first year was full of important achievements. Along with our ever-growing audience on social media channels, our research team continues to expand with new PHDs, and support for BRIDGE-BS is constantly compounding. By successfully submitting required deliverables and achieving many milestones, we have turned our route towards greater achievements for the Black Sea.

With the research and activities carried out in the 1st year, we aimed to be the BRIDGE between the #BlackSea and all seas and oceans.

We will continue to deliver the research, advance the knowledge and empower the citizens for a better-valued, sustainable, and healthy Black Sea!

Watch the video we prepared for our anniversary to learn more about  the 1st year achievements!