The research paper with BRIDGE-BS contribution was published on Diversity MDPI!

The research paper with #BRIDGEBS contribution was published on Diversity MDPI, a peer-reviewed, open-access journal on the science of biodiversity from molecules, genes, populations, and species, to ecosystems.

Written by the researchers from BRIDGE-BS partner GeoEcoMar, the article titled “The First Record of Marenzelleria neglecta and the Spread of Laonome xeprovala in the Danube Delta–Black Sea Ecosystem” reports the 1st occurrence of “Marenzelleria neglecta” and the spread of “Laonome xeprovala” in Danube and discusses possible impacts on #BlackSea ecosystem.

The paper brings new evidence on the further spreading of L. xeprovala after its first reporting in 2018 in the Danube mouth area of the Romanian Black Sea.