The second round of the BRIDGE-BS Living Labs has been started!

Within the scope of the H2020 BRIDGE-BS project, the second of the three rounds of Living Labs started to take place at the pilot sites (PS) of the BRIDGE-BS.

The second round aims to;

  • Validate the key pressures and risk as part of the overall PS system
  • Agree on the general problem statement translating the challenge the Living Lab is tackled
  • Co-design a vision for the PS across sectors and stakeholder groups as a narrative describing the desired state of the PS in 2050 where the current challenge will be resolved (it’s about envisaging a sustainable future for each region).

In this context, Living Labs has been started with Romania, Bulgaria and Istanbul events. There are two more to run in Batumi and Sinop. All Living Labs will be conducted in connection with Pilot Sites. 

While the first round of Living Labs focused on identifying the main ecosystem services, stressors, risks, needs, and challenges in the region, as well as opportunities to promote the blue economy, the second round aims to bring participants together to reach a consensus on the general problem statement that defines the challenge the Living Labs seek to address. Additionally, it aims to collaboratively design a vision for each Pilot Sites that transcends various sectors and stakeholder groups.

This vision describes the desired state of Pilot Sites in 2050, outlining the future of the Black Sea.