The research paper with BRIDGE-BS contribution was published in the European Journal of Protistology

The research paper with #BRIDGEBS contribution was published in the European Journal of Protistology, which covers topics such as the structure and systematics of protists, their development, ecology, molecular biology and physiology.

The article written by the researchers from BRIDGE-BS partner GeoEcoMar, Department of Genetics and Evolution, University of Geneva, and Grigore Antipa National Museum of Natural History.

The aim of the paper titled “Three new species of Gromia (Protista, Rhizaria) identified from the Romanian Black Sea shelf” is providing further evidence of the diversity of gromiids in the Black Sea and underlines the importance of this little-known group in marginal seas. Within the scope of the study, three new species, Gromia bugnae sp. nov., Gromia dianae sp. nov. and Gromia fabi sp. nov., were identified based on an integrative taxonomic approach, thus bringing the total described gromiid species to 19. Analysis of partial SSU rRNA gene sequences confirms that these are distinct species. Additionally, an undescribed species is represented by a sequence from the northern part of the Black Sea (Sevastopol, Kazachya Bay).